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Water Soften & Filtration Installation

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We often suffer from hard water problems without knowing it. Lime scale on tiles, problems with dry skin, and issues with cleaning dishes can be strong indications that you have a problem. If you’ve only recently begun to experience these issues, another possibility exists: You’ve had a water softener and filtration system all along, but it has begun to deteriorate or malfunction. In both cases, our team at JC Plumbing has the answer. We perform water softener and filtration installations in Springdale to help local homeowners finally enjoy soft water.

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Some of the common effects of hard water in your system can include:

  • Scale residue in the shower: Lime scale coating shower tiles and collecting in grout can be making cleaning your bathroom a real chore.
  • Lime scale in the kitchen: Hard water may also be making washing your dishes a problem. If you observe a white residue forming on dishes or even on surfaces in kitchen appliances, you’ve got hard water.
  • Dry skin after showering or washing your hands/dishes: All of the small mineral particulate within hard water is rough on skin. Dryness or flaking, even if not caused by the hard water, can be worsened by it.

Advantages of Professional Installation

If you’re ready for a new water softener and filtration system, our Springdale plumbers advocate for taking advantage of our professional service. With a strong focus on honest work and interaction, our team will ensure that your system is installed for optimal performance the first time. Don’t wait to notice the immediate difference with hard water eliminated from your home or location.

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