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Gas Line Service & Repair

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Maintaining Gas Lines for Optimal Performance

The smell of a leaking or broken gas line can be a strong indication that you have a leak in your gas line. While propane and natural gas bear no native odor detectable by us, your utility company mixes in additives with a distinctive smell for safety purposes.

Do you suspect that you may have a gas leak in your home or building? To be safe, your first plan of action should be to leave the premises and reach out to your utility company. Your next step should be to contact qualified professionals to inspect and address the problem completely. Our Springdale plumbers have significant experience in dealing with the sensitive nature of these systems and securing your home against disaster when a leak occurs.

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Where Do Gas Leaks Originate?

Older pipes can lead to problems with any type of plumbing systems and gas lines are no exception! Gathering moisture in the soil that collects around them can erode aging pipes on your property. Significant storms hasten this process as many drain systems can’t effectively eliminate all of the collecting water. If your drains are experiencing leaks, these can lead to an increased risk of danger to other pipes like your gas lines.

Common signs that you may have a gas leak can include:

  • The distinctive rotten odor of the additives from your utility company.
  • A spiking gas bill for your home or property, either sudden or escalating.
  • Spotting in your yard from unhealthy plants can mean leaking from the main line leading to the property.

Think you may be dealing with a gas leak? Don't wait! Call our Springdale plumbers at JC Plumbing today at (479) 316-2674 for repairs.

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