A water leak of any kind tends to become problems slowly but certainly. Since most homes are made out of wood and people need air that is not filled with mold spores, water leaks are dangerous. Stopping a leak before it happens is the best way, but ending a water leak as soon as possible can keep a small problem from becoming a massive one.


Every home appliance that uses water needs to be checked on a regular basis. If water goes in, it needs to stay inside. If you see any drops on the floor, identify where they came from as soon as you can and tend to the issue. Even your fridge can end up producing excessive condensation that spills out from the evaporation tray at the bottom. Keeping the evaporation tray clean every month or so can also help with this.

If your washing machine hose is made of rubber, save yourself a lot of hardship down the road and replace it with a braided stainless steel hose. These hoses are sturdy, and they last a long time. Rubber hoses tend to be good for two to five years, while a stainless steel hose tends to last a decade or more.

You can also stay on track with even the smallest leaks by putting in water detection devices. They can be pricey, but they last a long time and will tell you if even a tiny amount of water hits the floor. These devices can also shut off the water so that the leak does not continue and cause significant damage. Water detectors are excellent for your washing machine, toilet, sump pump, water heater or anywhere a shut-off may fail, or a leak may develop aside from the water line.

Water Pressure

Your home may have too much water pressure, which will eventually cause hoses or pipes to fail. You can test your water pressure by getting a pressure gauge and using it on an outside faucet at full blast. The idea is to keep your water pressure between 40 and 70 PSI, and this can be done with a pressure regulator that goes on your main water pipe, often called the service inlet.

Test at the Meter

Your home has a central water meter that is likely either located in a pit in front of your house or the basement. All you need to do is turn off every fixture, then go out to your meter. Put a piece of tape over the small part of the meter that looks like the hand of a clock, so you can tell if the side moves at all. Then go away to a park, the movies or something for six hours. If the hand has not moved, you have no water leak. If it has moved, there is a water leak somewhere in your home.

When you find a water leak like a rocking toilet, wetness under a sink or dark spots anywhere, get them tended to immediately. Call the professionals at JC Plumbing, and get the situation under control.

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